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P. Chordia & Company. was established in 1996, a visionary and dynamic person who marked his presence in the market with his hard work and determination. The legacy is now continued with Mr. Kamlesh Chordia who has put in all efforts to develop the firm and reach new benchmarks. Today, we represent a firm with a good quality, best pricing and prompt customer support. Today the firm leads the market and is one of the most reputed firms in Central India.”

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Profile Cutting

The basic profile cutting process involves creating an electrical channel of superheated, electrically ionized gas i.e. plasma from the profile cutter itself, through the work piece to be cut, thus forming a completed electric circuit back to the profile cutter via a grounding clamp. This is accomplished by a compressed gas (oxygen, air, inert and others depending on material being cut) which is blown through a focused nozzle at high speed toward the work piece. An electrical arc is then formed within the gas, between an electrode near or integrated into the gas nozzle and the work piece itself. The electrical arc ionizes some of the gas, thereby creating an electrically conductive channel of plasma. As electricity from the cutter torch travels down this plasma it delivers sufficient heat to melt through the work piece. At the same time, much of the high velocity plasma and compressed gas blow the hot molten metal away, thereby separating i.e. cutting through the work piece.

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We are engaged in trading of all kind of steel products but majorly catering to Hot Rolled material (Coils, Sheets, Plates) and structural steel (Angle, Channel, Beam).

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